Real Killers (aka Killers)

Director Mike Mendez makes a killer entrance at Sundance with his debut film Real Killers aka Killers.

It’s a story of two brothers who brutaly kill both of their parents and then get sentenced to life in prison. Luckily they manage to escape and take refuge in a nearby town while taking a family of four hostage in the process. Eventually the police discover their hideout but the twists that take place from that point are amazing, they come out of nowhere.

The acting does seem a little cheesy in the beginning but bare with it, it’s necessary for character development. The Dialogue in this is excellent, there are some definite laugh out loud lines. Of course this film is packed with violent scenes which any fan of sick flicks will appreciate.

I highly recommend this movie, it’s a great underground film. If you liked Natural Born Killers and People Under the Stairs, you’ll love Real Killers.

Official Score