Hellraiser IV: Bloodline

Bloodline starts off in 17th century France, with a toymaker named Philip LeMarchand and the creation of the infamous puzzle box. Philip creates ‘the box’ for a French nobleman who was interested in black magic. When Philip realises what the box does he designs an ‘antidote’ box known as the ‘Elergy’ configuration (though the film doesn’t actually name it for some reason). Philip dies (pretty gruesomly too) before its production, but the idea is passed on through the generations of the LeMarchand bloodline.

Then the action changes to 20th century America where we have the toymaker’s distant relative battling the cenobites who want him to create a new ‘gateway.’ And then finally aboard the Space station Minos in the 22nd century where the final showdown between Pinhead and the bloodline of LeMarchand occurrs.

While the plot is more directed towards telling the story of the box rather than being a vehicle for Pinhead, it’s still his best presence of all the movies. Pinhead, armed with a new team of cenobites, provides us with plenty of gory death scenes and the usual classic quotes.

The only problem I have with the movie, is Pinhead’s dog cenobite. That’s right, Pinhead has a dog. For what reason I don’t know, maybe I missed it although it did look pretty cool. Overall though, Bloodline is my favorite of all the Hellraiser films and I definately recommend it.

Official Score