From Hell

Most people were very dissapointed with this film, but I found it quite entertaining. Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors, even though hes been playing alot of the same type of roles lately.

The best part of this movie is that it is “based” on a true story, its Alan Moore’s vision of what really took place in Victoria era London, with the first known serial killer, Jack the Ripper. Because it is just a vision, anything can happen, which brings this to life.

The scenery the Hughes brothers bring to this movie, is fantastic. Dark, mysterious, violent.

The plot is thick, just the way I like it, with many possible murderers and ways the story can evolve.

The bad is really bad though…..Heather Grahm, she is by far one of the worst actresses Ive ever witnessed on the screen, I hate her guts. People say…”but shes hot”, all I have to say to them is, there are plenty of other hot chicks out there ready to play that role.

But besides Grahm its good, so get your butt to the video store and check it out!!!

Official Score