Terror Vision

Terror Vision is great cheesy horror movie. If your in the mood to laugh, go out and rent this, it’s so ridiculous, it’s hilarious.

It’s about a monster that escapes from it’s planet and ends up getting sent to earth into a familly’s satelite dish. The monster is then able to free itself through the television. It will eat anyone who gets in it’s way. Everyone from a boy idolizing his war vet grandfather to a woman playing Medusa tries to stop it. The battle is comical and the end is superb.

The cast does a terrific job of almost over acting their roles I’d say causing the effect of exageration, making the movie that much more amusing.

This is definitly a no brainer movie but we all need those once in awhile and they’re fun to watch. I recommend this to anyone who’s willing to take it for what it is.

Official Score