The Exorcist

Linda Blair plays Regan MacNeil, a little girl who becomes possessed by the devil, and slowly evolves into a disgusting ghoul. After many failed attempts with doctors and psychiatrists, they are sent to get a preiest to perform an exorcism.

I like to call this movie the essential “come 45 minutes late to see” movie. What trully is the best horror film of all time really bores the crap out of you for the first 45 minutes.

The first 45 minutes are very essential to the story but are just so damn freakin boring that you should avoid it at all costs.

But when the movie kick into high gear, its clear sailing for this is the most terrifying movie I have ever seen. The first time I saw it I had goosebumps, its so unnatural to see a little girl look the way she did and act the way she did. With stabbing her lower area and yelling “fuck me”, and speaking different languages and the famous head spin scene, its no wonder this movie is a classic.

The sound effects are amzing, specifically on the new DVD, un-friggin-belivable, its sounbds like your own house is possessed. the acting is superb, I cant belive what Linda did to make this movie come alive, and how is she thanked, almost 30 years of crap?

The scenery is very subtle, very urban, its nothing eerie, nor frighting, just plain, it lets you focus on Regan and her sick demented dialogue.

The Exorcist is a must see film, its the scariest movie ever made and one of the sickest (I mean sick by the way Regan acts, not gore)

Official Score