Blood Dolls

Blood Dolls, directed by Charles Band (Dollman vs. Demonic Toys) is probably the worst killer puppet movie I have ever seen… BUT the fact that it is soo bad is what makes this movie enjoyable. Everything in the movie is pure cheese, bad dialog, bad acting, and even worse accents.

The story revolves around one VERY odd man named Virgil who has a normal sized body and a doll sized head. He heads a billion dollar corporation which was crossed by his competitors, and he seeks revenge. Luckily, one of Virgil’s hobbies happens to be some sort of biological inventing, so he uses his skills to his advantage. By shrinking people into killer doll forms of themselves, he can send them on missions to get rid of his enemies.

Yes, the plot is lame and rehashed but the movie is filled to the brim with just plain nonsense which should be motive enough to go out and rent it (notice i said rent and not buy>). Some of the more notable weirdness in the movie are a middle-aged sidekick that wears clown makeup, a female rock band that lives in an electrified cage and plays live music on demand for Virgil, and a midget who orders the girl rock band to play.

If you’re a big Full Moon fan you should check the DVD out for sure because on the flip side it has 45, count ‘em 45 Full Moon Entertainment trailers.

Official Score