Fright Night

Fright Night (1985)
Directed By Tom Holland

Fright Night is just another vampire movie out of the hundreds, but it does things better than most.

Chris Sarandon plays a vampire named Jerry Dandridge who moves into a quiet town. Charley Brewster played by Roddy McDowell knows about Dandridge and the movie unfold from there. Typical movie, parents and girlfriend don?t believe him until its too late.

The plus to this movie is that its carries the 80?s feel perfectly, from character?s dialogue to the costumes they wear. You can tell the grip of the MPAA wasn?t as dominant either, which helped this movie.

The movie has some great special effects, one in particular with one of the vampires late in the movie. It?s great when they get stabbed. The characters are fun and bring great feeling to this dark vampire flick.

There is great use of darkness in this movie, and the area they use if fantastic, dark alleys, eerie basements?etc.

I highly recommend this great flick, go pick it up at Best Buy on DVD for $9.99, its well worth it.

Official Score