Final Destination

James Wong?s ?Final Destination? is better than his new masterpiece ?The One?.

He directs Devon Sawa (Idle Hands, Slackers, SLC Punk) who plays Alex Browning who is on a trip to Paris with his classmates when he has a vision of the plane exploding. He freaks out on the planes and causes him and a five others to miss the flight.

The plane explodes and people think because he was freaking out that he put a bomb on the plane. Suddenly, people who survived start to drop like flies for they were meant to die, and death wants the back. Alex continues to end up near the victims and the police think he?s murdering them too.

Without giving too much away, the movie carries a very interesting plot with some great kills and explosions.

James Wong does a fantastic job with this movie, the camera shots are great, and he brings suspense to scenes where you know something is going to happen. The acting produced by Wong?s characters is awesome and convincing.

This movie is a must see, I wish I could have recommended this when it was in the theaters, this is a definite theater experience.

Official Score