Blair Witch 2: Book Of Shadows

All right not everyone liked the first film, but there was a hefty cult audience that loved it including myself. The sequel followed the much dreaded sophmore jinx of sequals. Due to poor audience reactions, and critics panning. This movie was out of theaters in about a week. Which is unforturunite seeing as how all the scares here are original, and a plot that can confuse the most intelligent.

A group of fans go searching the black hills to find what is out there of Elly Kedward or the Blair Witch. What they don’t relize is that there universe is about to be switched with something so hurendous that they will regret ever seeing the movie.

That’s the plot in a nut shell. It’s really unfortunate that every single person hated this film. I loved it. I saw it opening day and my mind was f*cked beyond belief. I didn’t know what to think. Give it a shot if you liked or even moderatly enjoyed the first one.

Official Score

  • anezka

    “a plot that can confuse the most intelligent”. Is this something good?