The Frighteners

Marty McFly meets the priest from Dead alive is the simplest way to describe Peter Jackson’s real first American release. I saw this movie and it said “directed by Peter Jackson” so I searched after his other films, and it was well worth it.

Frank Bannister can see the dead. He can also convince people that they are having poltergeist visits. When he sees visions of numbers in people’s heads, and a mysterious figure in a black cloak, he gets his ghost buddies to help out.

Sounds corny but this movie is so tame for a Peter Jackson film. The gore is all CGI, but Stan Winston’s make up effects for the judge make up for it. There is an uncut version that has more gore, but not much more. Jeffery Combs does a hilarious job as the F.B.I agent who can’t stand a woman’s screams.


Official Score