Exorcist III: Legion

I read a comment somewhere that dissed Exorcist 3 by saying it would be great as a musical, but I think this movie deserves more credit.

Given, there was not much blood shown, the storyline was still thick, and intreging, and it explained alot about the original Exorcist.

The movie was about a serial killer who has been killing priests in the Gemini Killer fashion. Only he was executed years ago. We see Brad Dourif as the Gemini Killer and Jason Miller as Father Damien Karras (thats right, hes back).

The acting was fantastic, besides having Dourif (who plays Chucky in Childs Play) they also had George C. Scott who plays Lt. Bill Kinderman. Both did a great job of selling the character.

The scenery was great at creating the mood, the hosptial rooms where very creepy and gothic. The script was fantastic for a third film in what seemed to be a dying franchise. It was filled with good diologue and great lines. But most of all, I think sounds effects carried this movie, just like the original I really wish I could have checked this one out at the theater.

is a definite see, check it out, a kick ass sleeper hit from 1990.

Official Score