American Psycho 2: All American Girl

On my past trip to California I was lucky enough to catch a surprise screening of American Psycho 2: All American Girl. I wasn’t expecting to see this movie, so my guard was down and I had no time to make any assumptions before I sat down for the hour and a half flick.

The movie opens with Patrick Bateman having some fun with one of his victims, and a little girl is tied to a chair watching in horror. The woman is drugged up and being tortured, there’s blood everywhere. The little girl slips free and stabs Bateman from behind. The little girl thinks to herself as she stabs Bateman, “I took matters into my own hands, and it changed my life forever.”

This sets the tone for the movie as we are introduced to Rachel “Newman” (Played by Mila Kunis from That 70’s Show) through a fantastic transition between then and now. Rachel goes to West Washington School to learn profiling, so she can become an FBI agent. After the incident with Bateman, she vows to devote herself to stopping psychopathic killers like Bateman, and through this evokes the obsession Bateman had only her obsession was to become an FBI agent.

Her Professor “Bobby” Starkman (William Shatner) is accepting applications for a student aid program, which 9 out of 10 times leads to the aid becoming a FBI agent. The movie entails what Rachel goes through to achieve her “vows”.

Rachel, like Bateman, carries the fun and entertaining “Wonder Years” tone to this movie. The viewer gets to look into her mind as the movie progresses and this is what makes the movie so entertaining.

The movie is carried highly by dialogue, not blood and mass destruction. She thinks about killing, and makes fun of people in her mind. What makes it so entertaining is that she is being serious in her thoughts while the viewer gets a kick out of the bizarre behavior she produces.

Anyone who sits down to see American Psycho 2 and expects a bloodbath with be highly disappointed for this is clearly a made for TV/direct to video movie. Not that this makes it any worse of a movie. The directing, the music and the dialogue are what get this movie rolling.

The movie has kills, but we don’t get to actually see any of them happen, but we always get a little bit of the aftermath, which was done well. We get a good use of blood when needed and it gets the point across.

The directing is brilliant for a direct to video movie. Through the use of colors and the “Frighteners” style music, it keeps this movie pumping. Freeman uses color interestingly, for he brings in a lot of red, whites and blues. The movie is about an “all American girl” and Rachel wears plenty of these colors on numerous occasions. Also, the rooms are filled with blue and many people wear the color.

The music at first was kind of cheesy until you realize the point, that it’s humorous. We get this funny happy music playing while she thinks of weird things and/or verbally assaults people. It tells you, “hey, she is going to kill this guy, but its funny how she’s going about it.” The music and her Wonder Years style dialogue go hand in hand.

Another fun thing with the dialogue is the use of “puns,” such as when Rachel says, “I need to get dressed to kill.” The director with his puns and transitions are clever, we get a transfer of scenes by the phrase, “I’ll never let you down.” This is one of the best transitions I have ever seen, and it plugs in a hysterical pun with it.

Another factor that greatly contributed to the movies entertainment was the acting by Mila Kunis and (go figure) William Shatner. William does a great job playing a fat oaf ex FBI officer; he was meant for that role. Mila Kunis did more than I thought she was capable of; she was evil, sadistic, violent, and loving. She brought the Bateman aspect back to life; although no one will ever compare to the first Batman, played by Christian Bale (who should have received an Oscar for that performance..snubbed.)

After about an hour of entertaining dialogue, fun little kills, and great acting, the movie is summed up well. It lives up to what is trying to be said. American Psycho 2 leaves an impression in your mind, and leaves you thinking about how true the point of the movie is.

It doesn’t end abrupt; we get a clear and logical ending, and followed by one of the best final lines ever said in a movie. Watch it to see what it is; I don’t want to ruin the movie for you. A final thought, remember this is a low budget, thriller, it lacks the horror aspect of films. If you are in to this type of movie you will enjoy it.

Official Score