Death Race 2000

This wicked flick was made in 1975 took place in a a bloodthristy fascist America, the year 2000. Fans come to see this race from across the country to see speed racers hit and kill pedestrians. The elderly and children are worth the highest points.

The cast, Young Frankenstein played by (David Carradine) Joe Viturbo ( Sylvester Stallone) Calamity Jane (mary Woronov) Matilda the Hun ( Roberta Collins). Each driver as a navigator and Frankensteins navigator has joined a resistance with other Americans to bring down Death Race and the President.

It takes a while to see some action, but when you do it’s so worth it! Great way to kill people in the car. My fav. is when Joe Viturbo takes the wrong way and comes upon a creek. Joe asks a fisherman there, how to get back onto the highway and when he says you have to go back the way you came… Joe gets pissed and then chases him into the creek, hits him, and then backs up and PEELS out on his testicles… sweet sweet but painful for men?

Throughout the movie there is plenty of bloody action and pleny of laughs….. It’s worth the 79 minutes to see Sylvester Stallone kick ass..!

Official Score