Joy Ride

The tag line for the movie is, ?It starts out as a joke, now the joke is on them.? This is the premise for the entire movie as Lewis (Paul Walker) is on the way from Colorado to New Jersey to meet his girlfriend Venna (Lee Sobieski) and picks up his brother Fuller (Steve Zahn) on the way.

On the way to New Jersey, Fuller and Lewis start messing around with CB radio. They tell jokes and make fun of the other truck drivers who answer. Then they decide it would hysterical to pretend to be a female named ?Candy Cane? and make a truck driver meet up with them at a hotel nearby (CB radios have a short range span).

The joke is pulled off well, and the man enters a room where there is another man, the joke ends when the driver murders the man in the room.

Fuller and Lewis flee the scene only to continuously be taunted by this madman on the other end.

Joy Ride was a surprise to me, for this movie that looked like a cheap joke turned out to be some hidden gold. The movie had great acting, interesting dialogue, plenty of scares, and violence.

Most of the movie takes place on the road (obviously) and the viewer is constantly entertained by the acting between the two brothers and the girlfriend. They all put on a fantastic performance. Even when things turn sour for all of them, they do a fantastic job of striking fear in your heart for you start to feel bad for them, even though they are the pranksters.

This is a great thriller, many action packed driving scene and many great cheap scares, the action scenes were so well done, and mixed with the great acting, it puts you on the edge of your seat.

I highly recommend this movie for almost anyone, this is a fun ride, and I am especially excited for the DVD with four different endings.

Official Score