Halloween III: Season of the Witch

After the release (and succes) of Halloween and Halloween 2, another sequel was offcourse planned by John Carpenter and Debra Hill, who were also the producers of the other 2 movies.

The man that got to direct and write the movie, was Tommy Wallace, who also directed such movies as Fright Night 2, It and the Twilight Zone.

Tommy Wallace however, made an unexpected move, because he decided to leave Michael Myers, the killer in the other 2 movies, for dead and write an entirely new story. Here it is in short:

Eight days to Halloween we see a man running over street with a halloweenmask in his hands, being chased by some men, dressed in black suits and gloves. He eventually runs to a gasstation for help and is taken to the hospital.

There, the man keeps saying stuff like: ‘They’re gonna kill us all’, something like that and eventually gets killed by one of the men that were chasing him (fun detail – the killer is Don Warlock, the man that played Michael Myers).

In the hospital we meet Dr.Challis (played by non other than Tom Atkins), who wants to know what is going on, because he never experienced a case such as this.

Later, Dr.Challis meets the daughter of the killed man, who says she’s been doing some research and wants to find out what happened to her father.

This eventually leads them to a small town, to a factory where the mask was made, that the killed man was holding in his hand, when they brought him in.
Eventually they find out that the masks – which are really populair throughout the country – are being used for a dark and evil plan and are only the tip of the iceberg. If the plan succeeds, it will mean a bloodbath…

Most people probably hate this film, just because Michael Myers isn’t in it, but I thought it was great and found it extremely original to make a Halloween movie without Michael Myers.

The movie has great actors (Tom Atkins especially), great music by John Carpenter & Alan Howarth and, above all, an extremely chilling atmosphere, that really has the same feel as the first 2 movies – Dark, cold and full of jumps and scares.

Also I can’t forget to mention the storyline, because that also is truly magnificent. The first time you see it, you probably won’t expect the story to unfold in the way it does and the ending will leave you stunned and surprised.

Season of the Witch is definitely my favourite Halloween sequel and perhaps even one of my favourite movies, because it just doesn’t have any bad points and the movie was made with a great eye for atmosphere and storytelling. One problem though, the movie might be a bit hard-to-get, because everybody only likes the Michael Myers stories, what a shame…

Official Score