A young and beautiful American girl named Susie Banyon (Harper) becomes a student of a prestigious dance school. But, why do the girls keep disappearing? What secret are the teachers hiding? Blood flow ensues.

The Breakdown:
Argento is considered to be one of the masters of modern horror, and this is his trophy film. So, is it as great as everyone has always said? Read on.

Suspiria starts off slow with Argento giving us some off the wall shots in an airport. Although unique and entertaining, I just feel they would have been better in another film. I don’t see what is so interesting about the workings of an electric door. I can go to the supermarket to see that. And why all of the lingering shots of water?

This was my first hint that the film would be an art film. That’s all well and good, but in a horror flick? I just didn’t feel that I would even make it through the entire film.

I became instantly interested when the first murder occurred. As our heroin is on her way to the school, she sees a young woman leave and escape into the woods. The girl seeks refuge at a friends apartment in the city.

While looking out of the window that night, she is attacked by a large man through the window. This leads to a brutal stabbing, and a hanging through a skylight. This leads to another person’s death, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. The whole time, a beautifully dark score by the German rock band Goblin plays.

With this brutal scene, the film really picks up. I got seriously drawn in. The film kicked my ass for the next two hours or so. I kept wondering what was going on. Is the school really a witch’s coven? Where do the teachers go every night? Everything comes to a fantastic climax involving a peacock, and ends quite abruptly. I do not regret buying this film before viewing it.

Jessica Harper is great as the beautiful but naive American ballerina. Udo Kier also has a very creepy role. The rest of the performances are decent but nothing great……could probably stem from the dubbing in some scenes.

You want it!? You got it! We get brutal stabbings, hangings, death by glass, razor wire and slit throats. There is even a murder by seeing eye dog that is very reminiscent of Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond.

Trailers, TV spots, radio spots, photo galleries, a music video by Demonia, and actor bios for only 15.00!? Yippee! The transfer rocks and is from the original negative! Hell Yeah! Also check out the clarity of the THX/Dolby Digital surround sound. You will be completely amazed.

Great flick! Gore, sweet artsy shots and lighting, and a killer score! Buy it on DVD and you’ll be amazed. I have the basic Anchor Bay DVD release. Recently a new 3 disc version was released, but it seems to be a bit pricey at the moment.

Official Score