Jeepers Creepers

Like the lead antagonist found within, JEEPERS CREEPERS was a silent predator of sort. It snuck up on the moviegoers of the world and unleashed a fury within its 90-minute run time.

The story is so simple. A pair of siblings on their way home from college encounter a monster who begins relentlessly chasing them. A brief explanation of the villain is offered toward the end and that’s about it. It turned out to be the perfect antidote.

JEEPERS CREEPERS is the first real “Drive-In” movie to come along in years. I can personally vouch on that becuase I did indeed see it in a drive-in the first Sunday it was out. It was a good experience for me, a 17-year-old horror movie fan dying to see something different.

There are two things that made this movie great. First was the villain. “The Creeper”. Silent and steady, like “Michael Myers” in HALLOWEEN, but more grueling and driven. This creature has a specific purpose and will stop at nothing to fulfill it. His relationship with the two leads comes off as very personal, so that in itself leads to bonechilling moments.

The other thing that made this film so great, and more important than the one mentioned above, are the lead protagonists, “Trish” and “Darry”. It was nice to see this boy-girl relationship be family instead of lovers. These characters were drawn out so well that it seemed they DID in fact know each other for 19 years, and played ridiculous travel games growing up, etc. They really tugged at our hearts, We rooted for them (even with some of the foolish mistakes they made…but hey, they’re human).

Great movie. Great story. The DVD is excellent. It’s also a very good movie to watch a while after you’ve seen it. It still draws you in.

Official Score