Leprechaun 3

Well a magicial Leprechaun who’s coins grant wishes? Sounds like fun! Well with the hoaky special Effects, very VERY limp script, and lame acting. This movie is great! You weren’t expecting that were you?

When the Leprechaun hits Los Vegas to find his shilling, always expect the unexpected. Such as a woman’s tits and ass growing so big they explode.

I enjoy this movie so much. Warwick Davis is the shit. I hated Leprechaun in the Hood, I hated Leprechaun in Space, I didn’t mind Leprechaun 1 and 2, but I love this movie. It’s just so damn funny. His rhymes are so funny, and so many cracks about Vegas you could fill and exhibition hall.

“Your boobs are big you butt is small but still you’re in for quite a fall!
What are you talking about?
Oh? Didn’t you hear? Bigger is good, but jumbo is dear, I’ll give you boobs that come out to here!”

Official Score