Toxic Avenger IV: Citizen Toxie

Toxic Avenger 4 opens with a brief synopsis of the past 3 films, and an apology for the last 2 sequels; they promise that, ?This is the real sequel!? ??and what a sequel is was!!

The movie opens in a school for the mentally challenged in Tromaville. A group called the ?Diaper Mafia? enter dressed as babies and loaded with machine guns and wreak havoc on the school. They have been responsible for numerous school killings around Tromaville. Toxie comes to the rescue when something goes terribly wrong, there?s an explosion and it sends Toxie into another dimension and brings an evil Toxie doppelganger to Tromaville.

This movie was fantastic, unbelievable, disgusting, funny, twisted, gory, and full of great euphemisms. My face hurt from laughing so hard!! There was everything in this movie, from tons of blood to plenty of T and A. The only and I mean ONLY downfall was Toxie?s makeup, it was very lousy for the amount of special effects put into this movie.

Lets begin with the blood and guts and gore. If it weren?t for the lawnmower scene in ?Dead Alive?, this would be the goriest movie I have ever seen. The kills were unique and funny; with great sounds effects that went together nicely like chocolate and milk. A good example without ruining the film too much is Toxie sharpens a guy?s finger in a pencil sharpener and then stabs the guy in the eye with his own finger.

The special effects were amazing with the blood and guts. The intestines and eyes and brains looked so amazingly real. Tons of blood and such realism in the body parts added so much to the enjoyment of this flick.

Besides gore there were plenty of the yellow and brown goods if you know what I mean, this movie stopped for nothing, and took it all the way. The scenes were so sick, but yet hysterical, it kept me laughing all the way till the end.

Toxie 4 also had many Euphemisms in it, as you all know by now I love. During one scene someone yells, ?Noooo, church and state must remain separated!? as Toxie squishes someone?s head with 2 books, 1 the Bible and the other a state book. There were plenty of puns, jokes and great little gags that kept this movie entertaining and fun.

Another bonus in this movie is the guest appearances, a nice list includes: Lemmy (from Moterhead), Ron Jeremy, Sgt Kabukiman (drunk), Trey Parker (voice), Corey Feldman, Matt Stone, the return of the Tromeo 3 ft penis and the return of the original Melvin !!! Besides great appearances, there was an appearance by god (played by a midget) and plenty of hot Troma actresses.

Official Score