Blade 2

With a budget of $55 million, Guillermo del Toro’s Marvel comics adaptation Blade 2 lived up to the hype while adding some extra punches to the dominance of the first. The directing was incredible, the action was non-stop and the soundtrack rocked.

Blade 2 wasn’t as good as the first one, nor equal in value, but still held its own. Very entertaining and filled with some incredible moments, Blade 2 carries itself as a great movie. Every moment was filled with action-packed karate and merciless gunfire. There were buckets of blood, insane new creatures (the special effects work is out of this world) and smart script decisions (the UV light fight was ingenius) that made this one of the best vampire movies in years.

The major downfall was the “cheesiness,” for example, del Toro decided it would be a good idea to incorporate wrestling moves into the film. This didn’t do anything for the film but hurt it, otherwise the fight sequences were excellent and beyond entertaining. His minimal use of CGI was also commendable as he only utilizes it when absolutely necessary (like during the UV light fight to punch up the action).

The directing was amazing as well, giving the film a polished, post-modern gloss. It looked too good to be a Blade movie. As for the actng, Wesley Snipes is an incredible vampire, and had a well-supported cast with the return of Whistler.

Overall, I really had a great time watching Blade 2, and think it was done very well. Gore hounds will be blasted with some of the coolest FX work in years, and the action is enough to engage you from start to finish. Definitely one to revisit years from now.

Official Score