Giant animal movies. Come on you have all seen em’, and some of you might of really enjoyed them. We have here a film about arachnids. Not just spiders as you would think but ticks, centipeeds, scorpions. It’s a very diverse film when it comes to the types of creatures we have in it. But that is 1 of 2 upsides to this stinker. The other being the really cool spider anamatronics.

When a new virus is hitting islands in the South Pacific doctors, marines, and a scientist go in to investigate what it exactly is. When the plain crashes they have to defend for themselves, and defend they must because an alien being is on the loose in the island, and it is very VERY pissed off.

Yeah we have heard things like this before. This movie wreaked of lost ideas, and loopholes. The acting is sub par, the script is god awful, the things to actually like in this movie? Well they are a dime a dozen such as the location of shooting, the animatronics, and the camera work. That is it, and unfortenitly I wasted 5 bucks to rent this film. This film was supposed to be released in theaters along with Eight Legged Freaks (Arac Attack) it’s obvious why it didn’t go to theaters.

Official Score