Panic Room

A recently divorced mother, Meg, has bought a mansion with her daughter Sarah, only to be surprised by robbers the first night they move in. They take shelter in the “Panic Room” and must fight for thier lives.

I liked this movie. I didnt love it, but I liked it a lot. One reason is because things do move a little slow at times. But that doesnt stop this movie from being a great one.

Fincher delivers what everyone expects from him. Great camera work(ex. camera going into the keyhole to show its locked) and eerie lighting.

The story was great. If you read the summary it sounds basic, but Fincher put twists in it to make it interesting. For example, Sarah’s has diabetes and her blood sugar level is dropping by the minute. It keeps dropping until she almost goes in acoma, where Meg must go out of the panic room and must find her insulin shot in the house.

This is not a scary movie. It didnt make me jump out of my seat or make me scared about being home alone. It was a good, entertaining movie . And I think thats all it trys to be.

Overall, I liked this movie a lot. But if you need blood and explosions to keep your attention, this movie is not for you.

Official Score