Friday the 13th VII: The New Blood

Back in 1988, the Friday the 13th movies were still very populair and sequel after sequel was released. In 1988 it was special effects man John Carl Buechler, who got the honour of directing – and offcourse doing the special effects for – the next sequel: The New Blood.

The first thing you notice about this movie is that John Carl Buechler (and the other people of the crew) tried to make something original of the film, instead of just copying pieces out of the other 6 films.

For instance, the movie really concentrates on action and entertainment, instead of atmosphere (like the first movies did) and really has a lot of murder and mayhem, but also great stunts, coördinated by Kane Hodder.

Also, the storyline is really original (considering this is a sequel):

As we all remember, Jason was drowned by his arch enemy Tommy in Crystal Lake, with a big chain around his neck. Now, his body lies chained to the bottom of the lake and all is well in Crystal Lake.

One day, however, a stranger comes to Crystal Lake. It’s a girl named Tina, that has come to Crystal Lake with her mother and her psychiatrist, Dr. Crews. Tina saw her father die, when she was still a little girl and has come to Crystal Lake to recover from her trauma’s.

But next to that, Tina also has psychic powers, that make her able to move things and make objects fly around, which draws the attention of Dr. Crews, who seems to be more interested in Tina’s powers, than in her recovery.

But this is where it gets dangerous, because when Tina runs out of the house and goes to side of the lake, because she is thinking of her father, she wishes she could bring him back to life. Obviously, Tina has some very strong powers, because what happens is that Jason gets resurrected (no, he’s not her father, her powers just screwed up). Offcourse everyone understands, that noone in Crystal Lake is safe anymore and it is up to Tina to stop Jason.

Well, that’s the story, now let’s look at some other points of the movie.

First of all: the special effects, because those are truly amazing, perfect almost. All murders are really gory and pretty brutal as well and the make-up on Jason is even better, because the special effects team took the time to recreate all of Jason’s wounds from the 6 previous films. Just too bad a lot of the bloody stuff was cut from the movie…

Also very refreshing is the music, because this is the first film where Harry Manfredini was replaced by Fred Mollin, who gave an entirely new sound to Friday the 13th and I must admit that although I found the music by Harry Manfredini much scarier, Fred Mollin’s music just fits the movie better and if you really can’t stand Fred Mollin’s music – some parts of Harry Manfredini’s old music were used as well.

Which brings us to the acting. The girl who plays Tina (sorry can’t remember her name and too lazy to look it up *spank* – bad moviereviewer…) is really good for someone that doesn’t come from the Hollywoodscene. She really gives Tina small details in her behaviour, that make her much more of a person, instead of a moviecharacter.

And offcourse, there is Kane Hodder, who plays Jason or actually who IS Jason, that’s how much this role fits him. Next to Kane Hodder, all other Jasons look like a bunch of clowns and rip-offs.

Well, what is left to say? The New Blood is a great movie if you’re in for a lot of action, entertainment, blood and guts. It’s the kind of movie you put on, when you just wanna sit back and enjoy. This might however dissapoint people who want to see something totally new and experimental, because The New Blood is – and I hate to admit it – more of what you have seen before in other movies, but that doesn’t make it less entertaining!

Official Score