Ed Gein

I watched the movie Ed Gein last night which the box and the trailer touts as the basis of Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The movie itself is said to based on a true story of the serial killer Edward Gein. He is a schitzo that lives in the farmland and house of his bible thumping mother that happens to be dead. Like Psycho he hears his mother talking to him but unlike the Hitchcock legend he doesn’t become her. He merely imagines her next to him at all time, well when she’s not calling him on the phone that is. He kills in the name of what he thinks his mother deems as reasons for punishment.

The kills in the movies were quite sad. For the common gore buff this really isn’t your thing. Aside from a naked headless corpse that is gutted and hung upside down to be bled dry there is absolutely no really stomache turning goodies for the delight of you kids.

The CG special effects really, really aren’t special, thank god they only used it twice in the movie, otherwise I would have turned it right off. The actors who portrayed the mother and Ed Gein himself were very convincing, actually I was overall impressed with the cast. A few of the actors were reused in certain moments that just didn’t fell like they were supposed to be in. But I imagine the movie didn’t have that high of a budget.

There were some very funny scenes where Ed puts on his “leatherface” along with boobs and and cut out vagina and goes outside to howl at the dawning sky. It was kind of disturbing especially since he was beating on some tiny drums as he did this.

Overall this movie wasn’t that great but it did have it’s moments and was pretting interesting considering that Ed Gein was a real person.

Official Score