IT, Stephen King’s

The very first time I saw this movie was 9 years old. Being weaned on teen-slashers, where kids never were murdered, I was in no way shape or form prepared for my first encounter with Pennywise the Clown. IT deeply disturbed me, to the point where I went to a sleep doctor with a severe case of insomnia. Flash forward 8 years:

The mini-series was showing on the Sci-Fi channel, and I decided to give it another go. The results are mixed at best. The story is about 7 kids growing up in a town where an ancient evil that manifests itself into a clown that preys on kids and their vivid imaginations. They face the evil and defeat it, or so they think. 30 years later, the murders start up again, and the 7 kids (now successful grownups) return to the eerie town to kill the monster once and for all. The first half (which documents the kids) is excellent: Tim Curry as Pennywise is a bone-chilling performance and the movie has an ominous feel that will give you a constant chill throughout the first part. Part 2 takes a drastic downspin however, and to reveal anymore would serve as spoilers. But to those who’ve seen IT know exactly what im talking about. Final thought: the antagonist of IT is by far the most horrifying villain in horror film history, and well worth seeing the movie just to see Pennywise in all It?s glory. However, as a movie, IT has not aged well and is no longer the engrossing epic it once was. The high rating is for the monster and the monster alone.

Official Score