I?m going to have to be very careful how I give information because of the numerous twists and turns. Frailty is Bill Paxton?s directorial debut in which he also stars in. This must be beginners luck with all of the lousy horror movies around these days.

Fenton Meeks (Matthew McConaughey), comes forth to tell the FBI that his brother Adam may be the serial killer who calls himself ?God’s Hands?, who the FBI has been searching for.

The film uses flashbacks to show Fenton?s childhood with a father (Bill Paxton) who believed he was on a mission from God to destroy demons that inhabit human bodies. Fenton saw his dad as evil, while Adam saw him as a hero.

Frailty is filmed around a very solid script which the actors bring to life. The acting in this movie was fantastic, Bill Paxton gives you chills, and he makes you believe that god is telling him the way, whether or not God truly is. His children, Fenton and Adam, aid to the story making you feel conflicted, is Bill Paxton crazy, or isn?t he? The great acting, with such an incredible script make for a very entertaining movie.

The presence of great camera work is also apparent in Frailty, by the use of great camera work, we get an incredible jump in the middle of the movie which, in my opinion, is the highlight of the film.

The only thing that really makes or breaks this movie is its conclusion. The first ¾ of the film is excellent, and very entertaining, but to some the end is a failure to comply, almost like the Sixth Sense. I felt it was a great ending, even though I would have been happy either way, but other felt that it was a let down.

The problem is that the movie is very predictable along the way, as things happen, it becomes very apparent what is next, which takes away from the film, but when the end comes, it really IS what you expect by the time comes and that kills the momentum.

This is a great movie in any case though, very entertaining, and brings a nice hour and a half of enjoyment.

Official Score