Night of the Living Dead

In 1968, a film was released that would change the world of independent horror films. “Night of the Living Dead” was a commercial and a critical success. Costing over $100,000 the film grossed well over that. Following a few years (and a few sequels) the movie developed an enormous cult following. It wasn’t long until a re-make was in the works around 1989. Tom Savini, (special effects wizard), was given the option to direct the film by George Romero who directed the original film.

A group of people, who have never seen each other before in their lives, will spend the next few hours inside a farmhouse. They board up the walls to defend themselves from cannibalistic re-animated corpses. Little time is left before the living dead will take over the world.

This film works on so many levels. Normally re-makes are horrible, and diverse so much from the original film. This one is so close to the original it’s scary. Casting Tony Todd, (Candyman), as Ben was a smart idea. He is one of my new favorite actors and gives a very domineering performance. The script is also very good. It doesn’t differ too much from the original, but it adds in new dialogue that makes it so much more real. The DVD is very good. At Best Buy you can buy it for $14.99.

Official Score