Necrophilia, having sex with dead people. In this movie it displays some horrific scenes of this. But it doesn?t save the movie one bit.

This guy is a gore obsessed morgue worker. He takes dead bodies off of the roads, out of swamps, then takes them home for his pleasure. His girlfriend is also into this. She loves him dearly, but has a love for the dead too.

This is one sick and twisted movie. Honestly I thought Cannibal Holocaust was weird, but this takes the cake. Not only is it in subtitles (which I don’t really mind) but also at points during the movie they use ridiculous camera angels to show them making love with the corpse. The only reason I gave it any stars was because of the cool make-up, and this cool rabbit scene in which it shows the guy working in a morgue, and then switching back between this random guy killing a rabbit. I would not recommend this movie, but if you are in to foreign horror films that don’t make much sense, then by all means give this a shot.

Official Score