Sub-genre B-movie/Zombie flick
Gore mild at best
Special Effects/Makeup B-movie
Story tongue in cheek
Cheese heavy, four cheese blend
Favorite quote from movie ?Oh my god, they mingle?no, they mooch.?

Ever wondered what happened to your missing socks?
Can?t blame it on mechanical errors?
Not behind or under the washer?
Maybe it was a kobold?

I recently saw this movie on The Movie Channel and I must say, I really enjoyed it. In repeat viewings, I liked it even more. This is a horror movie not meant to be taking seriously, as it does take it self seriously. It?s more along the lines of ?Killer Klowns from Outer Space?, ?Dead Alive? and even ?Evil Dead?; low budget B-movie, mild gore and extra cheese with a side of corn. Now, if that generalization doesn?t fit the horror movies you tend to watch or enjoy, you as mind as well stop reading now and don?t bother checking it out. If so, keep reading.

As not to give too much away, I will be brief and vague, which I must say, is a contrast to the movie. While short, checking in at 96 minutes, the writer/director Stuart Chapin does try to create somewhat of a solid story, even though at times, you may find it a little absurd. Not deep, but still a story.

Here?s a small synopsis…

A failing soap opera star and his wife ?inherit? the house of his late brother, who murdered his wife and some prospective buyers, before finally offing himself in a rather unusual way. The new couple soon realizes that there are other forces at work and they may be facing the same fate as his late brother and wife. With the help of the their next door neighbor and the soap stars undead brother, they learn that they are up against ?kobolds?; blue skinned demons/undead who are hungry for more victims.

As I am writing the synopsis in my own words, I will leave it at that, I haven?t given away too much. So if that sounds like something you might be interested in, check it out, it?s worth it. Like I said before, it?s not to be taken seriously, as you will see by the comedic elements.

It is left wide open for a sequel, which I am not aware of any, so far. It?s a shame too, because they could get at least one more good movie out of it, I would think.

If you like the b-movie/comedic sub-genre, then check this out, you will not be disappointed. If not, check it out for the new zombie look, you?ll think this movie was produced by Intel. I do not know how hard this movie will be to find to rent, as I have only seen it on cable television. If you have TMC, then look for it, they play it frequently in blocks of days.

Official Score