Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell

When I rented the bastard child movie Children of the Living Dead, It had an Artisan preview for not only Behind the Woods (French slasher), but also had a sleek looking view into Wishmaster 3. After considering it for quite some time (a week) I decided to rent the whole series and see what it was like. Wishmaster was great Wishmaster 2 was good too, but the third was a bit different.

After my satisfaction with parts one and two, I had high expectations with this one, I think it was a little too high. While Jason Connery (Djinn) was no Divoff, he was exceptional, he made a much different demon and even though he didn?t capture the sinisterly persona of the original, he still did a fine job. I was most impressed with him when he was in his human form, to me, he felt stronger and of a cocky I-know-I-will-win-attitude. When in his Djinn form, I was liking his flow one bit, he was so far off from being evil like that I only hoped for more in his human look. The Djinn make-up was also not like the first, it didn?t have the almost snake like look and sense of purpose. It was more like he was a slimy toad. He didn?t put across the dominance that Divoff did so effortlessly.

The other actors played all their parts to mediocrity, it was a very shaky cast, though most of them did okay. Nobody really stands out to me besides Mr. Djinn, they all felt like they were cardboard stand ups half the time. Maybe it was just I, but there could have been much more than there was.

What is there to like? The gore is still good; we get some tongue ripping and some impalement. The red stuff is promising enough but still it lacks what the original had, we had hardcore bad ass gore form them, here is just toned down for some reason. I blame this on the characters, although some of the deaths had me going YES! Most were so unoriginal and was wondering if the screenwriters took a day off and let the monkeys right them in. Still, the gore comes often enough to keep me in to for the time span.

My last guff is with the ending, again what the Hell??? We had some good promising moments, some moments of good acting, and a glimmer of tension and all it mounted to was that? Sword of Justice my ass! If you are going to make a movie DO NOT drop off the ending like it was a late night PG-13 Sci-Fi crap in the hat two hour campfest! The end could have had gore like in the first one; it could have made some more entertainment, make the film worth something! But instead they take the cowards route that I will not spoil with my worthless banter.

RUN DOWN: If you like the first and the second one, try it and give it a go. If you didn’t like one of them, don’t pay to see it. And if you didn’t like either, don’t see this one.

Official Score