Donnie Darko

I rented this movie with a friend of mine when I read on the back of the movie that there was some kind of evil bunny rabbit or something.. that definitely caught my attention!

Usually when someone rents a movie based on what it says on the back you get one of the worst movies of all time, but not this time. It is worth all those terrible rents to find a gem every now and then. Donnie Darko is one such gem.

It starts with the main character, Donnie Darko, and how he is on antidepressants. He argues with his family and stuff and there are some pretty funny scenes resulting from it. Then the bunny appears and starts to tell him some very strange things that make perfect sense by the end of the movie.. at any rate I want to point out something here. The bunny is basically a guy in a bunny suit but the head has these giant chrome teeth on it. It manages to be funny and creepy at the same time.

I don’t really want to give away the ending because it would be injustice to you people (the ending is really unique). But to give you an idea of a few things that happen in this movie:

1) Donnie and his girlfriend watch Evil Dead at a movie theater (I think this movie is supposed to take place in the 80s)
2) Patrick Swayze is a motivational seminar guy that is also a kiddy porn fanatic
3) Drew Barrymore has a role as one of Donnie’s teachers
4) Donnie spends alot of his time looking like a drugged-up teen (reminds me a lot of this guy I knew in high school) with a funny buy very believable drugged-out act he does

There are a lot of references (very subtle) to Watership Down in this movie but if you watch the deleted scenes, they actually watch Watership Down in the class Drew Barrymore teaches.

Anyone that likes to watch something that is totally out there should get this movie. While it won’t scare you, you’ll probably laugh your ass off through most of it as I did.

Official Score