Dog Soldiers

Hay you crazy kids
This is my first review so beware.. It has spoilers, plus I can?t remember any of the characters names.

The film begins with a young couple camping out to celebrate their marrage/love/anaversiry whatever…and getting ripped to shit by mean hungry wolf men :-)…before they meet there untimely demise how ever she gives him a lovely present…a silver knife…how convenient, still it don’t help them too much.

Then were given a background on the main character who is training to join a special forces team but flunked because he wouldn’t kill a dog…which is subsequently killed because of his cowardice…a ha

Cut to a few days later and a group of soldiers are having a routine training mission. The merry group young rag tag squaddies joke, sing and trundle there way through the first half an hour when suddenly things take a turn for the worst…the special opps team they were supposed to be training with turns up massacred. Only one team member survives. He’s in pretty bad shape and just complains, “There was only supposed to be one”. Next the woods are filled with angry human cries, which change into bestial growls…then all hell breaks loose. Before u can say evil dead, one person is killed to death and another gutted. This leads onto one of the best jokes in the film as a fellow soldier tries to put them back in he cries “they wont fit” me it will be funny when u see it… The group runs wildly through the wood shooting at the briefly seen wolf dudes, and runs into our only female character who takes them all to a farmhouse. Where in they border themselves in and prepare to fight, with a dwindling supply of ammunition, near un-killable foes and someone in the group with more in common with there werewolf foes they they’d like to admit…there chances of getting out alive aren’t looking too good.
This film also contains the first man/werewolf boxing match ever produced for your viewing pleasure. Don’t worry its not as bad as you think :-P.

The film itself is fast, funny and gory as hell. The dudes themselves are top class. There 9ft, 250 pounds of near invulnerable creepy wolfyness. The scene where one enters through and upstairs window and slowly creeps towards a bed ridden solider is sooo cool and the scene were their crawling down the corridor, alien style with white light behind them (think demons) is awesome.

These aren’t your usual smash, growl and drool wolf dudes as seen in past movies. These guys are smart. Smart enough to take out car engines, electrical generators and attack the house from multiple angles, testing the defenses for weaknesses. The actual wolf suits are very well done. There kept in the shadows at the beginning, but toward the end there revealed in all there backwards pointing ankle, hairy glory.
There are numerous references to other films such as, the evil dead, aliens, night of the living dead, American werewolf in London and the slyest nod to the matrix I have ever heard.
Bewarned of the last scene, imagine nails being scraped down a blackboard, it is simply beyond that squeeeeek…..urrrgh

Dog Soldiers = the dogs bollocks

Official Score