Ravenous, an amazing movie about a solider in the pre-civil war post mexican-american war who is sent to a post to the west. Here he finds a fellow who talks of a Military man who led his travelers west and led them to battle the winter inside a cave. Here is where the eating of flesh begins.

To me this movie was well written it really hit me and made me think and also frighten me and made me curl up inside. Each actor had this great knowledge of their character, they made it seem like they were the character. Robert Carlyle really showed me his acting skills and on the commentary i saw he really pointed out the things that I felt but I never thought of. I love how he played this insane mad man he allowed himself to go crazy and be animal like yet he could also let out his civilized manner in which really frighten me sort of like American Psycho did.

Guy Pearce really impressed me though- he really could show fear and also so much bravery in insanity. This movie’s lighting really set the mood and its scenery was amazing, it really put me in aw. Ravenous the movie about cannibals in the west during the Pre Civil war period really hit me hard but I loved every moment of it.

Official Score