While investigating the murder of a teenage girl, a cop takes place in a shootout where he accidentally kills one of his fellow cops. While trying to cover it up, he receives mysterious phone calls from the killer who claims to have seen the whole thing.

Insomnia starts out slow. Nothing much happens other than investigating the victim?s bruised corpse. They visit the victim?s house and rummage for clues. Cops sit and talk for a while in a restaurant. I didn?t really pay attention to what they where talking about. I should have because halfway through the movie it gets kinda confusing.

But anyways, it somewhat picks up the pace halfway and gets somewhat interesting. The story is really strong and it is very well acted. I thought the ending was really well done. It kinda reminded me of Ravenous. The only thing that made it lose a lot of points was that there was hardly any action. Most of the violence is implied or shown through quick flashes and cuts.

But that?s just me. I expected a thriller and got more of a murder-mystery.

Official Score