Bride of Re-Animator

Dr. Dan Cain and Dr. Herbert West, survivors of the bloody Miskatonic Massacre detailed in Re-Animator, are back in this sequel to continue their research in the field of death. This time, Dr. West is not content to just re-animate the dead. No, his new passion is to create new life- to play God.

However, there are many more obstacles in Dr. West’s way this time around. The tortured Dr. Cain wants no further part in Dr. West’s mad experiments with re-animating. Dr. West decides to kill two birds with one stone- make new life and bring Dr. Cain back to his side. Using the heart of Dr. Cain’s deceased lover, Megan, he sets out to create a new woman to replace the void in Dr. Cain’s life. With Dr. Cain’s help, he assembles a new woman made out of the parts of many. The feet of a ballet dancer, the legs of a prostitute, and the hands of a sculptor all come together to form a complete woman.

Unfortunately for West, someone out there is intent on seeing him fail in his new goal. The disembodied head of Dr. Hill has returned, rescued from his home in a traveling freak show. With the help of the other tortured souls whom Dr. Hill reanimated, he sets out to destroy Dr. West and end his twisted experiments once and for all.

Bride of Re-Animator is a terrific sequel to Re-Animator even though it doesn?t rise to the level of its predecessor, which is an awfully hard goal to accomplish. Bride takes the Re-Animator series into a new direction, away from the horror elements of the first and into a more comical direction. Bride is to Re-Animator as Evil Dead II is to Evil Dead. Bride of Re-Animator retains the cleverness and gore of the first film while not taking itself seriously and making fun of itself. It?s easy to like the film and its characters, which interact beautifully together. The frequent exchanges between West and Cain are always worth a laugh or two and its interesting to see the clashes between the two of them- one man who loves all his patients, the other who sees them only as potential experiments once they die.

Bride of Re-Animator is another great chapter in the saga of Dr. Herbert West and will most surely please fans of the original and all the gore-hounds out there.

Official Score