Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

The Movie starts off strong…..sorta, a group of teens are leaving from the prom and are on their way home and the car breaks down (clich√© alert) and Psycho Vilmer (Matthew McConaughey) shows up and things get weird, confusing, and dumb.

This movie is a joke I really think it was meant to be a Black Comedy but no one got it. Directed by one of the co-writers of the original TCM Kim Henkel tried to take the series in a new direction like every one does and they usually fail miserably just like in this movie.

Which brings me to the next point how do you make a movie based around Leatherface and he’s only in a couple of the scenes in the entire movie? Leatherface is a complete idiot in this movie (in the whole 2 scenes he’s in) and he’s slapped around by Matthew McConaughey (wtf?) . The whole movie is making fun of the first there are a couple of scenes that are duplicated from the first.

Then there’s the family…. half of them are rotten corpses, and besides Leatherface wearing women’s clothing and sporting a mullet at the end this F.BI. Agent shows up bothering the family and leaves and it’s not explained at all, and the movie pretty much ends.

I usually really like cheesy movies like this. I like to watch them with friends and make fun of em’ and what not, and this movie is great for that but for big fans of the TCM movies (like me) this movie blows serious ass.

Official Score