Brian Yuzna has begun the re-animation!

Two newly rich couples are going on a sailing trip, but Paul just can’t seem to enjoy the trip with all the recent nightmares he has had. When a storm comes over them and Vicki (from the other couple) gets stuck below deck, Paul and his girlfriend have to go by the lifeboat to Imboca, a fishing town nearby. The town seems to be deserted. When they finally manage to get help and Paul goes out with some fishermen to get Vicki, Vicki and her husband is gone. Meanwhile, Barbara (Paul?s girlfriend) goes to a hotel to call for the police but she soon discovers that everything is not what it seems, and when Paul gets back to shore he’s in for a cat and mouse game.

?He uncovers Imboca?s dark secret; that they pray to the Dagon, a monstrous god of the sea. All outsiders are sacrificed- the men skinned alive, and the women offered as unwilling brides to bear Dagon?s unholy offspring- the freakish half-human creatures that populate Imboca.?

This is so incredibly well done. I just wish Brian Yuzna would stick to making H.P. Lovecraft movies, that’s what he does best. The whole movie is basically a cat and mouse game, but new things happen all the time so you never get bored, I was stuck from the beginning and didn’t want to move my eyes for one second.

The acting is great from all actors, but I suggest that you don’t rent this movie; I suggest that you buy it! Because this is a piece of art, even if it does sound a bit cheesy with ?fish people?, it’s done in a very stylish way. Though I didn’t really like the ending, endings have ruined a lot of good movies out there, so I can’t give this a full 5er.

Official Score