Pool, The

From Germany comes yet another great slasher. This time a killer in a wetsuit and a cranium mask is killing some friends that have broken into the biggest pool house of Praha.

?School’s out, exams are over, and it’s time for real life to begin. But before 12 friends from the International High School in Prague disappear to the four corners of the earth, they intend to throw the best party of their lives. The idea to stage the party in Prague’s biggest swimming pool is illegal but cool. And when Gregor, the laid-back leader of the group thinks an idea is good, then no- one else from the group objects. But what begins as the night of all nights quickly turns into a life and death struggle, as the friends come to realize that death itself is on the guest list… A mysterious masked killer sets a hunt in motion that ranges through the facility’s halls and corridors. As the kids panic it begins to dawn on them that the killer must be one of them…?

A high body count and some great original killings made me really enjoy this film, this was like the perfect slasher, even if the mask could’ve been better, at least it wasn’t as bad as the Elvis Presley mask in the Back Lot Murders, which I’ve also reviewed on this site.

As far as I know, this movie is only released on dvd in Germany and in Australia, I’ve seen both versions and since a lot of actors were English, the movie was originally shot in English. Now this is the funny part, in Germany the movie is dubbed and everything is just as it should be right? but in Australia it’s played in it’s original language and the German actors speak such bad English that every time they say something you come to think of when Arnold Schwarzeneger says ‘I’ll Be Back!’ from Terminator.

Anyway, get this movie as soon as it’s released in UK or US. I?m quite sure it will get a US release anyway since it is high budget and has been on the cinemas in Germany. I’m just waiting for a Swedish release myself. If you’re a slasher fan this is a must. Track it down in some Australian dvd shop if you can, it?s worth it!

Official Score