Halloween VI: The Curse of Michael Myers

I sat down to watch ?Halloween 6, The Curse of Michael Myers? and I thought: ?Hey, I loved Halloween and Halloween 2, I liked Halloween 3, so this one should be OK.? I was wrong.

The simple notion of ?something evil is in Michael Myers? from the first two has, by the sixth installment, become a muddled mess. At some point in the franchise, this idea was ?expanded on? to include what is listed in the credits as the ?additional shape.? At first I thought maybe it was Darkman, on loan from Sam Raimi, but this was not the case. Rather, this man in black works for a mysterious cult that follows ancient pagan rituals of blood sacrifice and bad acting.

The film opens with Jamie Lloyd, niece of Jamie Lee Curtis?s character, Laurie Strode, being wheeled through a dungeon-like labyrinth. She is very pregnant and very scared, as a mix of people dressed like doctors, nurses and satanic priests (perhaps representatives of her HMO health plan?) wheel her into the delivery room from hell. After the baby is born, the cult leaves her there as she begs them to give her back her baby. This baby is obviously very important to the cult; that is why they keep such a close eye on it that within 2 minutes it is stolen by one of the nurses who decides to help Jamie. She rushes both girl and baby out of the dungeon. Cue Michael Myers? big entry – grabbing the nurse and ramming her head onto a spike conveniently sticking out of the wall.

Michael begins to chase Jamie, but she gets away by stealing a truck (Michael rips the head off the truck?s owner) and where does she drive to? Haddonfield. Because we all know that Haddonfield is one place where Michael Myers will never go to kill anyone.

At this point we are introduced to the Strodes, Laurie?s adopted father?s brother decided that not only was Haddonfield a great place to live, but he and his family could all live in the old Myers? house since he could get it cheep. His family are possibly the most unobservant bunch around, since none of them realize that they live in THE MYERS? HOUSE that everyone else in the town avoids like the plague. Anyway, the oldest daughter Kara Strode, has a little boy, Danny. Danny hears voices, unfortunately for him the voices aren?t telling him to get out of this movie, instead they tell him to kill. This leads the viewer to the ?Curse? portion of the title. It is revealed that Michael Myers was cursed to be the executioner for a cult of evil pagans. Now we see evidence that little Danny may be next.

Once all the players are introduced? oh wait, we forgot the two male leads, Tommy Doyle from the first film (the little boy Laurie was babysitting in Halloween) and Dr. Loomis. Donald Pleasence makes his final Halloween movie appearance playing the still slightly crazy psychiatrist who first treated Michael Myers. Tommy Doyle shows up as a freaky neighbor to the Strodes. He watches the house, and makes calls to radio chat shows where he talks about how ?the evil will come home?.

I would carry on with the plot summary, but there isn?t much to summarize. Michael, apparently being driven around by cult members, makes short work of Jamie and most of the Strodes. The baby is being protected by wierd neighbor Tommy Doyle and Dr. Loomis while they all watch Michael do his hacking number on the rest of the town.

Halloween 6 ?The Curse of Michael Myers? suffers from too much plot getting in the way of the story. The good Halloween films were character driven. Michael Myers was evil and that was that. This film tries to bring in a whole ?conspiracy element?, which makes me think that the director, Joe Chappelle, had watched one too many early X-Files episodes.

For the pure gore loving fan there is a fair share of it to go around. Michael impales Jamie Lloyd on a very nasty piece of farm equipment, then when she says his name and holds out her hand to him he slams her onto it even harder, then turns it on so it can chew her up from the inside during her final moments of life. We also have bodies hung from trees, electrocution close-ups, blood-splattered linens in the backyard, all and all a respectable amount of violence and mayhem, as one would expect from a ?Halloween? movie.

Unfortunately this is not enough to make the film worth watching. Overall it was confusing, cluttered, and not well made. The only credits that Debra Hill and John Carpenter had for this film were for the ?Halloween? music and the writing credit for having created the main characters and they probably weren?t happy they were used even there. Also, on a sad note, actor Donald Pleasence died shortly after completion of the film, so to remember him, the filmmakers dedicated the movie to him. If you listen you can still hear the fine actor of stage and screen spinning in his grave. Halloween 6 definitely has a curse, but it?s not the curse of Michael Myers, it?s the curse of horrible filmmaking.

Official Score