A serial killer is on the loose in Oslo. Every month he kills on the same date, the 22nd, and every time it’s with scissors. When a group finds their friend being attacked by the killer, they hit him with a rock and he falls to his death. But the 22nd isn’t over yet, and when they get a strange video message from Irasj, one of the friends, that shows him being tortured they start suspecting that the killer never died. A bit later he phones them and says that to save his life, they have to come to an old abandoned bread factory. And so they do, but when more of them start showing up dead they know the killer is back for revenge, all they can do now… is wait for the 23rd to take over.

I didn’t enjoy this movie at all, as I stated before, for me to enjoy a slasher movie to it’s whole; I need the killer to wear a mask. That way it gets a lot scarier and the atmosphere rises tons! Although, you get a raincoat and scissors here, it’s just so un-spooky. With bad actors and a really low budget, it looks like it was shot on home video. You know, those clips you send in to Americas Funniest Home Videos.

This Norwegian low budget movie as made very VERY poorly, but if you are out for a Scream style movie with buckets of blood, intestines, and bleeding eyes this is the movie for you. It’s Probably the second goriest slasher in the 2000′s, with Kolobos being first.

You’ll find this movie under the title 22 on Imdb since that is the original Scandinavian title.

Official Score