Guinea Pig: Devils Experiment

So when you sign up for your membership to the gore hound club there are a few rules that you abide by: 1) No movie is too bloody 2) No movie is too disturbing and 3)If there is such a movie that says it violates the 2 previous rules YOU MUST SEE IT!!!! Many many films claim to be the end all be all of over the top gore and realism, but few ever deliver the goods. So out comes one of the most notorious films ever made Guinea Pig : Devil?s Experiment.

In the annals of horror, and cinematic history, there have been few films that have been as talked about, publicly banned, and sought after as the films of this particular series. If you haven?t heard the story by now, I will give you a quick synopsis of the myth behind the Guinea Pig Series. Originally intended to be a showcase and experiment in special effects realism, Guinea Pig is the brain child of Satoru Ogura. These simulated snuff films were to be the most vile reprehensible movies ever set to celluloid. This first movie ?Devil?s experiment? was released upon the Japanese public without credits and shown as if it was a real snuff film. The film was a huge success, but this came at a cost. Years later a killer used some of the films scenes as ideas for his own ?experiments?. The films weren?t blamed for his actions, and in the wake interest grew and more films were made. Due to their popularity, the director was urged to make a greatest hits collection, if you will, for a party. The tape was huge success, but then got distributed around the world in the underground. Charlie Sheen happened upon the tape and, thinking it was a real snuff film, got a hold of the MPAA, who contacted the FBI and had an investigation done on the film. It was found as a fake but the films were refused for national distribution and we here in the states have never had a formal edition made of these films other than bootlegged copies. Now with new DVD editions out from Unearthed films we can see for ourselves what the FBI had to investigate. That is the quick version, now on to the film after the hype.

I walked into this film with both anticipation and trepidation. We are talking about a film that is supposed to be a snuff film here, pure misogynistic hedonism. As much as I wanted to satisfy my gore hound curiosity, I couldn?t get past the fact that this was a movie about a bunch of guys torturing a girl and eventually killing her. I had heard about the fact there was no plot what-so-ever and that this is as close to a snuff film as you are likely to see. But in the end my curiosity won over my sensibility and off to the video store I went. If you don?t want to know anything more about the film and are intrigued by it don?t read any further, major spoilers ahead, but I may save you from a boring experience if you continue.

-Spoilers start-

The film starts out with a shot of a lady hanging in a hammock in the middle of a forest. The screen quality looks like that of a person video taping a tv screen, and in the background all we hear is a deep resonant bass. The combination is very ominous and sets a great tone. It actually made me hesitate watching further. My nerves were defiantly getting the best of me, for the first time in a while I was creeped out by a film. But unfortunately that all faded with the first segment of the film entitled ?HIT?. The segment shows a bunch of guys repeatedly hitting the kidnapped female in the face. It is all too obvious that they are smacking their hands instead of her face, and the whole scene becomes a joke. This type of stuff continues through the majority of the feature as the tormentors pinch her skin with pliers, and force her to drink Jack Daniels and spin her around in a chair, pelt her with entrails, and force her to hear static at extreme levels for 20 hours. These scenes last entirely way too long and make you regret even watching the film to begin with. The only things that are even worth the moniker of vile and reprehensible are the last 2 segments. They are wince educing and one is very effective, but it is too bad that you have to wade through 35 of the 40 minutes that the film is comprised of to get to them. The last portion is the famous eye gouge and it lingers just enough to make you squirm in your seat. After that, the film ends with the girl in the hammock again.

-Spoilers End-

It felt like I was being subjected to subliminal torture, watching this film. Mostly it was laughable and could easily dismissed as amateur hour. It had no real value other than being a sadistic fantasy and with no plot or story to be found anywhere there is really nothing to recommend here to the general horror viewing audience. I had known what I was getting into with this flick, so I can?t blame anyone but myself, but I have to say that I was disappointed with the outcome. Luckily the DVD came as a double feature with the second (not made second but labeled as the second) film entitled Android of Notre Dame, which had a story and was enjoyable. But that is for another time, as of now, the ?Devil?s Experiment? is closed and should be locked away to never be seen again. If you are still interested go check it out because like me you will not be swayed by any mere review of this until you judge it for yourself, but ultimately, in my humble opinion, it is not worth your time.

Official Score