What Lies Beneath

Although this movie is more of a supernatural thriller, I thought it was worthy enough for a mention.

This movie is a bit of a roll-a-coaster. It begins a little slow and you get taken slowly further and further up in the hill as the story deepens, then suddenly it all makes sense and you are screaming full pelt down the hill with a sharp twist at the end.

As I said, it begins slowly with what looks like a perfect marriage. The mother, Claire, (Michelle Pfeiffer) has recently had a car accident, which has given her temporary amnesia, the father, Dr Norman Spencer, (Harrison Ford) is a strong-headed scientist working on an drug to completely paralyze someone and the daughter (played by no-one worth mentioning) has just moved off to college.

Claire gave up her love for music when she met Norman and they began a family. With her daughter moving away it has put a little stress on her and as things begin to happen around the house she questions her ability to handle things on her own and blames it on a ?mothers worry?. She begins to spy on neighbors and gets ideas in her head that lead to her seeing a shrink as Norman thinks she is being completely irrational. But after she sorts everything out with the neighbors the strange things around the house continue.

Doors open and close, electrical equipment turns on by itself and things are fallen and broken for no apparent reason. At first she thinks she is imaging things but later she believes whole-heartedly the house is haunted and after seeing a face in a bathtub that filled up on its own, it pushes her over the edge.

With the help of a friend and some investigating of her own her amnesia disappears and she finds out her delusions are reality and her husband is not so perfect after all, in fact her husbands only mistake has followed him home!

As Claire follows the clues and puts the pieces together she finally discovers the truth but it is not what she would have ever expected. There definitely something in the house and it wants to tell Claire something!

I don?t want to ruin it for those who haven?t seen it so I wont tell you anymore, I will tell you how impressed I was with it though. The whole movie had an eerie feel to it and it made my hairs stuck up a few times. The haunting scenes are very good and the acting is more than impressive. Pfeifer plays the perfect damsel in distress and Ford is excellent as the bull headed husband who wont stop being a pig the whole way through the film. It is a chilling movie with some good twists and good special effects. You wont be taking a bath alone for a while after watching this one!

Don?t see it if you want gore. There are no blood and no guts? just a chilling story with the music and supernatural elements doing most of the work. It is spooky though. I will give it that much.

It is from the Director of Forest Gump (Robert Zemeckis) and for all his efforts I give it a 7 out of 10.

(DVD has making of, cast and crew, commentary and trailer)

Official Score