Halloween 8: Resurrection

I’m sure you all felt it: the tingling sensation running up your spine and down your arms, the smile you tried to hide in the dark as the familiar theme began radiate from either side of you and that big black screen seemed to freeze on the word “Halloween” for a blissful eternity.

That’s about all I got out of Resurrection, which I found to be worse than H20 and I didn’t think that was possible. I just want to know if all it takes is a guy in a mask to kill teenagers with no other plot involved to make a film and if that is the case, I’m getting my Cartman mask and the video camera. This film, as well as its predecessor, had NO indication that there was ever a fourth, fifth, or sixth installment of the franchise. In fact, it makes that pretty clear. Personally, I don’t mind Michael Myers, I love the Halloween series..wth the exception of three and up to six. However, I saw mentioned before mine about the’ shitfest’ , as one member put it, Jason X. Halloween ain’t far from it, m’friend. Take a look at it; they’re struggling for plot. I like plot, but then I like to think of myself as someone who gets more out of a film than the proper ways to slice a human with a generic kitchen knife that seems very plentiful no matter where in Haddonfield you are. Take six, for example. The end of five, even. The Man in Black was there to lead you into an explanation of Michael Myers, why he does what he does and how it is that he cannot be stopped. In reference to Jason X, they treat Jason as a *living* human being, even make mention of the fact he has a heartbeat, uncharted healing, blah blah..hey wait, they said almost the same thing about Michael Myers! I mean after all, he’s been burned, hung, shot, stabbed, but I’m sure he needs his sleep, right? And in the *SPOILER* beginning, when Mike dawns the uniform of the security guy, no one notices a man whose face is horribly burned, scarred eyes, (the devil’s eyes) and wielding a kitchen knife? (where’d that come from, hmm? I know where it came from, it’s just funny.) I thought horror fans had more sense than to let go of something that might explain Michael Myers and be force-fed the crap that is H20 and Resurrection.
I have to say Busta Rhymes was fun in the film, as well as the girl who played Sarah, but she lost my interest as soon as she *SPOILER* wielded that chainsaw and spouted “This for all of them!” and the like. Yawn.

Fangoria, believe, in their latest issue stated that they had possibly more installments lined up of the popular franchise. Pray to the God of Horror that they get a writer, director and a fan of horror to write the script. Kevin Williamson, you say? No, I’m talking about someone from way back. Hell, anyone from the late 70’s, early 80’s. No, no one in particular, but someone from the days of The Howling, Fright Night, Dear Sweet Jesus give me back the hour and forty some odd minutes of my life I wasted to see this film! It’s like something crawled out of Satan’s anal cavity, ate some bad chinese and shat out this movie. When does the hurting stop…

This piece of dried camel poo doesn’t even deserve half a star, but since I can’t give it five or less than half..


Official Score

  • Horrorfan4ever

    I thought that not only is this one of the worst horror movies I have ever seen but one of the worst movies of all time! This film is a disgrace to the Halloween franchise and all things horror, just a cash-grab, plain and simple.