Eight Legged Freaks

Just went to a sneak preview of the Giant spider movie, and I have to say it was worth the wait, and the name change.

In a small town in Arizona a truck has just lost a barrel of toxic chemicals into a nearby swamp. In the swamp are many crickets, which a man feeds to his Spiders at his “Exotic Spiders shop.” This causes the spiders to grow at an enormous rate, and they are about the break loose.

This movie is by far one of the funniest parodies of horror movies ever! The dialogue, though terribly written, is hilarious. There so many funny lines that just make you laugh, but the film doesn’t forget to make you’re skin crawl either. There are many scenes that you have to lift your feet up for a second if you’re afraid of spiders, and I did just that for most of the movie.

David Arquette was very funny as Chris, a man who has returned to the tiny town after 10 years. I wish the movie were longer because it was so great to finally see a parody that realizes that the audience has brain cells. I highly recommend this funny take on all those big bug movies from the 1950s.

Official Score