Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Most of you have most likely seen this film. And if you haven?t, I suggest you do. Right Now!

Gary Oldman is the Transylvanian noble Vlad Dracul and Dracula. Anthony Hopkins is the Vampire Slayer, Professor Abraham Van Helsing. The lovely Winona Ryder playes Elisabeta, Vlad?s love and her reincarnation, Mina Murray and Keanu Reeves is Jonathan Harker, Mina?s fiancée.

This movie is a mixture of Nosferatu, Dracula, and the story of Vlad, the last vampire. It focuses on the traditional Dracula story telling with seduction, bats, wolves, gypsies, slayers and unconditional love.

The setting begins with a remake of Nosferatu. Jonathan Harker leaves his fiancée Mina to settle some real estate with Vlad Dracul. The trip is long and when he arrives the unsettling cold of the Dracul?s castle and the strangeness in which Dracul carries himself has Harker nervous from the beginning. Then the inevitable happens. Dracul sees a picture of Mina (which turns out to be a reincarnation of his love from centuries ago) and immediately sets sail to be with her. Harker is left behind. Drained by gypsies and weak for weeks. When he eventually gets to his Mina, it is too late.

Hesling (Hopkins) comes in about mid way through to investigate and illness that one of the women have who live with Mina. He has been studying Vampires for years and recognizes the signs. But he is unaware of why the Dracul is here and what his intentions are.

The link between Dracula and Mina occurs immediately and people are hurt along the way. There is some fang action and beheading which is always good and it evens out the seduction scenes in which Mina is taken in by Dracula?s power.

Once the intentions are made clear, the hunt is on! They must find the monster and kill him before he kills again, or worse, turns Mina into one of his own. The movie then turns into a wild goose chase with some twists in the middle I will let you see for yourself.

The artistry in this film is magnificent. The film actually won oscars for Best Make-up, Best Costume and Best Design and Best Sound Effects. It is a real feast for the eyes!!! The special effects are clever and subtle, and Dracula looks spectacular all done up like your grand parents! The imagery is bound to blow you away.

It has a very talented ensemble cast, Gary Oldman and Anthony Hopkins play strong characters with very impressive acting. Ryder and Reeves are very good too, better than some would expect them to be. With a mixture of excellent character building and wild visual effects and make-up, it is a must see for any vampire fan!

The DVD offers widescreen, filmographies, trailer and documentary.

Official Score