Evil Laugh

What a cheesy but slasher fans dream this one is !!!

Folks, this movie out screams SCREAM years before Wes Craven made his flick, so see it now.
The film opens with a young grocery man tied to a chair in a dark room talking to a mysterious figure, who, does nothing but laughs evilly (or stupidly if you please) than proceeds to start up a power drill and use it on the unfortunate victim.

Cut to a bunch of obvious slasher teens getting ready to go on a trip to a house in the woods – a jock or two, a few big breasted ladies, a nerdy geek, blah blah blah ……
After some American Pie-ish antics (pissing on bikies, etc….) the teens arrive at an old looking house and proceed to do what all people in these films do – have sex, drink, have sex, argue, and of course, tell a spooky story about the house they are in.

Now, the story told is actually quite a creepy one, with a recording of the killer played as well to add to the spookiness of it all. After this we are introduced to a few more characters just for the sake of more victims to be introduced later, and soon sure enough the murders start.

Now folks, if you like corny kills, this is the film for you, because once the slashing starts, it don’t stop.
There is the obligatory axe in the head, the gory throat slashing, the old faithful stabbing or 10, and, yes people, the now infamous head in the microwave scene. This has to be seen to be believed as a studly jock is hit with a rubber mallet or something, than is dragged to the kitchen and has his head put in a microwave, which is than turned on (and to show how old the movie is, the microwave is a dial turn, not a digital one) and strange things happen to the victim as his head cooks, until it explodes, but the most outrageous thing about this murder is – the microwave is obviously not plugged in – I kid you not !!
Anyway, eventually there is only a couple of teens left who have to deal with the killer, and, sure enough there is a twist ending which could have followed on, but as yet no sequel has followed.
A sought after, good old fashioned slasher that holds up well to repeat viewings, EVIL LAUGH demands your attention now.

Official Score