Inferno is the follow-up to Dario Argento’s “Suspiria” and is also the second instalment in his still unfinished “Three Mothers Trilogy”. This time however instead of the story revovling around witchcraft Inferno is about alchemy and death itself.

The film begins with a young women named Rose who is reading a book written by alchemist entitled “The Three Mothers”. The book speaks about the houses that where built for each of them and also the three keys to discovering them. After reading this she begins to suspect that the old building she lives in is really a home for one of the mothers. After doing some investigating she writes her brother Mark who is in Rome studying music. In her letter she tells him what she has discovered and also the whereabouts of the three keys. Mark receives the letter but leaves it in his music class where it is picked up by his friend Sarah. She reads the letter and goes to a library to find the book that Rose wrote of,but is nearly attacked by a strange man who notices the book of “The Three Mothers” is in her hands. That same night Mark gets a strange call from Rose and then goes to Sarahs apartment to get his sisters letter. Upon arriving he finds that Sarah has been savagely murdered. He then travels to New York to see his sister Rose but finds that she has dissapeared. Even more strange and twisted murders begin to occur. Mark must now use his sisters letter to discover the keys to finding the truth about the Three Mothers and find out what has happened to his sister, while at the same time try to not become the next victim.

If you have seen “Suspiria” you will immediatly notice similarities between it and Inferno. One of the most obvious is the usage of mainly blue and red lighting which add to the eeriness of the film. Another similarity is the style of the bizzare murders that take place. However. Even though there are similarites between the two films Inferno stands on its own and even though its not as masterul as “Suspiria” it is definately worth watching.

Official Score