For those of you into killer animal movies? this movie is for you!

Background Info: The Razorback is the largest of the male wild pigs. It has two large tusks that first dig into your gut, then they simply lift their heads and the tusks tear you in two. They are quick on their feet despite their size and like many pigs, are actually rather intelligent.

I don?t know much about the animals myself, but what I do know they are very difficult to kill. They have a rib cage like a shield across their chests. You have two choices when confronted with one. You can you take your chances for the head, or you get under it some how from the back to get underneath that rib cage and straight to the heart.

It is said in Australian myth that when food is low the wild pigs move further away from thier usual breeding grounds to towns where food is not as scarce. Some people actually believe when these animals suffer from extreme hunger they are capable of coming into ones house and eating the family dog or even stealing a small child for food.

Based in northern outback Australia this movie begins with a flash from the past. A man is alone at night and he hears a noise first, as he moves to investigate, the screeching begins and before he knows it, the house is torn to pieces and a huge animal charges in and takes his baby right out from his little cot.

The main character in this film is the razorback. They identify him by the silver streak on his main. He is the biggest they have ever seen and no doubt the meanest. It fears nothing. It?s the ultimate predator and more than responsible for taking any mans baby.

The movie is set in Kangaroo Culling times. Kangaroos are being culled and being made into pet food. It causes a world out cry and an animal rights spokesperson comes over from America to do a documentary on the culling and is trying to prevent it. She is overwhelmed by the strangeness of the country, the heat and the people. She is singled out as a tourist and isn?t very popular with the locals as her threat to put them out of jobs is serious. On her first night she is attacked by two of the twisted locals but her fate ends with the razorback as he too, becomes involved.

The woman?s husband then comes over to investigate the disappearance of his wife and he too is thrust into a world of mentally disturbed locals, an obsessed man trying to find the pig that killed his baby and finally the razorback himself.

As he gets closer to all the answers, the real games begin.

The locals are very disturbing but play a very important role in the film, their actions will shock you as they torment the characters in every way they can. The film was designed to shock. The way in which the towns people kill the wildlife, how they clearly unwelcome change and new comers and the isolation of outback Australia where the animals are just as fearsome as the locals.

The film has a strong ending with lots of good visuals of the razorback himself. As I mentioned, there are a couple characters in the film that do just as much damage as the pig, which is quite horrible to watch. This is definitely a horror in every aspect of the word. Overall it is quite good with some unforgettable scenes and not too bad acting. And the Razorback looks great! Check it out if you can find it.

Official Score