Queen of the Damned

Based on the book The Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice, it continues the story of the Vampire Lestat, Tom Cruise’s character in Interview With the Vampire. Lestat (STUART TOWNSEND) has become a rock star, but his music wakes up the 6,000-year-old mother of all vampires, Akasha (AALIYAH), who then decides she wants Lestat to help her get revenge on the world and to co-rule the vampires with her. Meanwhile, Jesse (MARGUERITE MORCEAU), a member of a secret organization, develops an obsession with Lestat, and her connection with the ancient vampires is revealed.

r e v i e w:
In a few parts some cool and bloody special effects come in (ex: Burning vampires, blood tears, bite wounds). There is a really cool and bloody part (the best part in the movie) where Akasha has a little dance thing in a vampire bar, then later uses her power to burn all the vampires in the bar. And she ends up ripping out a vampire’s heart and eating it (which is really awsome and disgusting).

Aside from the gore, I have to say when I first saw the movie I was disappointed. And most fans of the book were also disappointed. The whole basis of the movie was disappointing. But if you a real die-hard Anne Rice fan you’d probably convince yourself to see it again, and it is actually ok 2nd time around. The soundtrack is obviously better then the movie, which artists like Korn, Marilyn Manson, Linkin Park, and all sorts of other hard rock/metal/punk groups.

I think the only thing that saved this movie from being a direct-to-video was the news of Aaliyah’s death and how Queen of the Damned was her last movie. Too bad for Aaliyah, since it seemed she worked very hard for this role. She much more interesting then the rest of the cast, but still didn’t really come close to the character in the book. And not really any of the other characters were good representations (except for maybe about 1 or 2 minor exceptions).

Some of the acting isn’t very good, all the bad accents get annoying, and the whole thing has no plot. All those things in a movie are kind of pathetic, and it must be hard for actors who are included in it and have to deal with this criticism

Aside from the above things, the “look” of the film was rather appealing with it’s dark “blue tinted” cinematography which with added special effects made the white make-up on the vampires appear even more white plus a glow to the skin.

Overall, as I said before the movie was disappointing, but had some little things that were OK.
A bad sequel to Interview with the Vampire (which was a MUCH better adaptation of a book, but still not perfect).

No one really needs to see it, fan of Anne Rice or not.

Official Score