“Crackling good. Nail-bitingly tense. Tautly directed.” -THE NEW YORK TIMES

1995 I think was a time of some great horror flicks. This film is about an ambitious San Francisco homicide detective (Holly Hunter) and of course the criminal psychologist (Sigourney Weaver). When the movie begins Weaver teaches her college class about criminal psychology. While stating 9/10 serial killers are white male in the ages of around 19-25 (can’t remember the exact number) one of the students made a slit throat expression which makes Weaver spooked. This man which turns out to be sick and twisted, bent on being a famous serial killer played by Dermot Mulroney, traps her in the restroom and kills the guard. While she was hanging restless and before he could do anything to her help came.

It’s 13 months later and Weaver has many problems now. She secluded herself in an apartment with only her computer to reach the outside world not disclosing her real identity. That?s when the title of the movie starts making sense. There is a serial killer on the loose leaving clues that he wants to kill Weaver. And guess what, he copies old serial killers of the San Francisco area. Such killers he copies are the Hillside Strangler and the infamous Son of Sam. There is nice character pick up, and very impressive acting. This is by far a classic of its genre.

As the detective (Holly Hunter) and Weaver work together to find this man many things go wrong. This copycat killer seems to have been sneaking into Weavers apartment. There is a lot more things but I’ll not spoil any of it. The end is impressive because it?s rich acting and directing. Actually I loved this ending. It worked out the way I wanted it to. It’s scary to think how killers inside prisons write letters to their followers.

Overall, if you want a smart story and some well constructed deaths this is what you?re looking for. Se7en, The Vanishing, The Bone Collector, and Kiss The Girls are also some great flicks such as this.

Official Score